HarmonieBand is a six-piece ensemble of multi-instrumentalists specialising

in presenting especially composed scores for silent film

2016 Spring Tour with 'Underground' Anthony Asquith 1928

NB Check websites for times

April 2nd Hyde Park Cinema Leeds - link

April 3rd Home Cinema Manchester - link

April 4th Phoenix Cinema Oxford - link

April 9th Broadway Cinema Nottingham - link

April 10th Quad Cinema Derby - link


The plot of Asquith’s ‘Underground’ (1928) revolves around a love quartet of everyman figures given only their Christian names: Nell,Bill,Bert and Kate but the stimulus for the film was the London Underground itself. Many scenes were shot at Waterloo since, despite the network being 65 years old in 1928, escalators were quite new and the one at Waterloo had three in a single shaft. The film gives us a snapshot of London in the inter war years and a glimpse of a gentler tempo of life. Also, a less claustrophobic one: notice the generous space of the rooms rented by Nell and Bert! My score is a combination of pre recorded and live elements and takes a quasi operatic approach to the development of themes. PR

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